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Thank you for your interest in the content and resources available at Before you continue using our website, please read this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, which outlines the conditions under which you may use our website. The policy also explains how we collect, store and use the data provided by our users.

Acknowledgement and Consent

By using our site, you acknowledge that any information gathered by may be shared with third parties, such as schools or affiliated companies, to provide you with requested information. You also acknowledge that we have the right to share information with any company that provides us with business or administrative services. For example, we may need to share your information with the company that manages our email delivery service. Continuing to use this website indicates your consent to these practices.

Submitting Your Information

When you submit your information to, you are giving us — and our affiliated entities — authorization to contact you for a certain period of time. We may contact you by telephone, email, postal mail or text message, among other methods of communication. Each time we contact you, it will be for the purposes of giving you information about education-related products and services.

In addition, you are giving up the rights granted to you by the Do Not Call Registry and any other applicable laws. Submitting your personal information counts as an omission under the Do Not Call law, and it may also exempt us from the requirements of similar laws.

Types of Data Collected collects submitted information and automatic information.

Submitted information is the information you give us when you request information about a product or service. This information is typically requested when you fill out an online form. Examples of submitted information include your name, mailing address, telephone number and email address. By submitting this type of information, you give us permission to contact you in accordance with the laws in effect in your state or country. If you receive email from us, or one of our affiliated partners, you may opt out of future emails by clicking the unsubscribe link.

Automatic information is anonymous data collected from your browser each time you visit We use automatic information to update our website and make it more useful for everyone who visits. To collect automatic data, we use cookies, which are pieces of information sent to your browser by our website. Cookies help us optimize our website, advertise our products and services, and analyze user behavior.

Use of Advertising Cookies

We use Google Analytics to analyze the data collected by our website. Google, Inc. uses advertising cookies, or third-party cookies, to publish relevant advertisements and track user behavior. These cookies do not contain personally identifiable information, but they do collect information such as your IP address, operating system version and browser type.

If you want to learn more about Google’s privacy practices, visit

Your use of indicates your acknowledgment of and consent to the use of cookies.

Ways We Use Cookies uses cookies to improve the user experience. We may also use cookies for the following reasons:

By adjusting your browser settings, you have the option of removing cookies. However, you may need to do so every time you visit your site instead of on a one-time basis. You are also able to opt out of receiving personalized advertisements from companies that follow the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising or companies that belong to the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI). Opt out of personalized advertisements by visiting the DAA and NAI websites to fill out the relevant forms.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

We may need to change our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use in the future. To ensure you are aware of policies governing the use of, we suggest that you visit this page periodically.